After a year-long hiatus, RAY NVVY is back with a captivating new single, "Realise"

The release dropped on the 16th of June, this track marks a significant return to the music scene and showcases RAY NVVY’s evolving artistry.

"Realise" delves into the discovery of being in love/lust with the right person, but only acknowledges that when it seems to be too late. Expressing his vulnerability and willingness to get her back. The track blends RAY NVVY’s signature sound with fresh, innovative elements. His signature sound was meticulously crafted and honed under the expert guidance of the visionary producer/engineer Rillo Vista, who also produced the single; he has been working with Rillo for your years and they both have many songs in the vault waiting to be released. 

The single is a testament to the artist's journey over the past year, even though he stopped releasing, that did not mean he stopped creating and experimenting. 

"I’m thrilled to share 'Realise' with the world says RAY NVVY”. "This song is one of many ideas that was brought to fruition and represents a chapter in my musical journey that I am revisiting. I hope it resonates with listeners and inspires them in their own paths."

Artist bio:
RAY NVVY (pronounced Ray Navy) provides an R&B sound infused with alternative soundscapes that is so diverse yet articulate in it’s delivery. Bringing new sounds to the table, he sizzles in freshness yet is surprisingly mature. His story-telling techniques through his music allows you to visualise his battles between love and lust; depth of emotion as well as being under the influence. He drives you through the night in an intoxicating trance filled with melancholic ardour and bitter-sweet lustfulness.

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