A reminder to celebrate the moments that elicit elusive smiles on faces.

There comes a time in our lives when taking a pause and holding onto a moment seems like the most acceptable way forward. Juggling between our jobs, deadlines, social media and procrastination, we conveniently overlook those instances that could bring an elusive smile to our faces. ‘Boondein’ celebrates these little & large moments in one’s lives by encouraging us to take a pause, breathe and listen. It also recognises & celebrates the loved ones around us and has a special significance for the songwriters, as they welcome their newborn into the world. The song has a lullaby-like vibe to make it an easy listening experience for both adults & children.

The song originally started being written in Dec 2022 when Panvi & Agransh were reflecting on a challenging year for their families with parents’ health concerns, a pregnancy loss and the added insecurity of physical distance. The initial verses are dedicated to holding on to the positive moments amidst all the chaos and celebrating them. ‘Boondein’ took an even more meaningful turn personally for them in the 2nd verse, where they welcomed their soon to be born baby after receiving the news in 2023.