Panjabi Hit Squad

Multi award winning duo Panjabi Hit Squad have been a mainstay of the South Asian music scene serving as pioneers of the Desi Beats genre and de facto global ambassadors. With hits like Hai Hai featuring Ms Scandalous and Dil Mera with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, they have exploded onto the international music scene with their east/west fusion of beats that’s taking the world by storm. The squad’s ascension has been unstoppable. since the release of their critically acclaimed last album World Famous, they have gone on to perform at many festivals (Glastonbury, LIMF Festival, Lost Village) and to host residencies at Ministry Of Sound. From rocking the streets of the U.K. to setting ablaze their DJ sets overseas, the dynamic musical duo has headlined key shows in India, Dubai, Europe, Canada, and the USA. As respected leaders of the culture in the desi music scene and entertainment industry, Panjabi Hit Squad continue to spearhead the evolution of South Asian music globally, so look out for them as it’s a journey you wouldn’t want to miss.

Ethnicity: Indian
Location: London, UK

Instagram: @panjabihitsquad

GET TO KNOW - completed June 2023

3 words to describe you:
Musical, Versatile & Authentic

3 words to describe your music:
Energetic, Fusion, Dynamic

If it does, how does your heritage impact your art?
It plays a massive role in our music, hence the reason why PANJABI is in our name. We take influence from our culture and heritage and mix it with growing up in London and listening to so many different genres of music. The result was Desi Beats. 

If you could collaborate with anyone, who and why?
There's a long list of people but Jay-z would be the most obvious. Even when creating mash-up's of his songs to play, his voice just smoothly glides over Asian beats so well. If one Jay the next on the list would be Jai Paul. His voice, song writing and most importantly his style is something we would love to collaborate on.

Your next career/music goal:
Currently back in the studio creating more music and really coming back to more of a UKG sound.

Top 3 go to songs/artists:
AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill, Shinda Kahlon - Brown Munde
Sidhu Moosewala - So High
Panjabi Hit Squad - Hai Hai (feat Ms.Scandalous)

Words you live by:
Soch vaddi, kam kardi - Think big, work hard!

Anything else you'd like to share?
New single "Rang" is out now, In August we launch HaiHai20, celebrating 20 Years of Hai Hai with something special and important for the culture.