Toronto's music scene is about to experience another seismic shift 

Caj Flow, the versatile artist known for his genre-bending prowess, teams up with the dynamic singer-songwriter Ashavari for their latest release, "CIRCLES!" This hard-hitting pop-punk anthem is set to ignite stages and playlists worldwide, marking a thrilling collaboration between two of the city's most promising talents.

"CIRCLES!" digs deep into the struggles we all know too well: battling inner demons and getting trapped in self-destructive loops. With their heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals, Caj Flow and Ashavari shed light on themes self-destruction, toxic relationships, and mental health struggles, offering comfort to anyone who's been through the same. Yet, amidst the darkness, "CIRCLES!" also offers a glimmer of hope and resilience. Through its anthemic chorus and infectious energy, the song becomes a beacon of catharsis, providing a much-needed release for those who have felt trapped in their own destructive patterns.

For Caj, whose musical journey has been marked by exploration and innovation, "CIRCLES!" represents a bold move following a string of successful indie pop and hip-hop releases. From the international success of "Kerala" to the heartfelt indie pop ballad "butterflies," Caj's ability to connect with listeners across genres has solidified his place as a rising star on the global stage.

Meanwhile, Ashavari brings her own unique energy and artistry to the table, with a voice that effortlessly combines power and vulnerability. As a solo artist, Ashavari has captivated audiences with her innovative storytelling and melodies, earning accolades for her authenticity and depth. Now, joining forces with Caj Flow for "CIRCLES!," the duo are proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the pop-punk scene, bringing a fresh sound to the genre.

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