Wei Ming drops lead single, 'Virtual Reality' from his debut EP

Released 21st May 2021 - "Virtual Reality,” a mesmerising fusion of retro gaming nostalgia and contemporary electronic music, introduces listeners to Wei Ming's captivating musical universe, where love, technology, and escapism intertwine in a euphoric symphony.

Capturing the essence of modern romance, "Virtual Reality" immerses audiences in a tale of queer love transcending the boundaries of the physical world. Set against a backdrop of luminous electronic synths reminiscent of classic video games, the single transports listeners to a realm where pixels and emotions intertwine seamlessly. Wei Ming's ethereal vocals guide listeners through a narrative of unbridled passion and digital intimacy, painting a vivid picture of love blossoming within the confines of virtual reality.

These poignant lyrics, woven throughout "Virtual Reality," serve as a testament to the EP's overarching theme of escapism through technology, love, and sex. As the first glimpse into Wei Ming's first body of work, the single sets the stage for an electrifying musical odyssey, promising listeners an unforgettable journey through the realms of electro pop.

Artist bio:
Hailing from London, Chinese-British artist Wei Ming taps into an extensive spectrum of sonic influences to shape a distinctively addictive electro-pop sound. Embracing dual roles as both a producer and singer- songwriter, Wei Ming creates anthems that carry a powerful message of queer liberation and celebration, infusing his music with a profound sense of identity and purpose.

Teaching himself production from the comfort of his bedroom from the age of 16, Wei Ming weaved a musical tapestry which mirrors his immersion in the world of Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop music alike. Demonstrating a deft touch, he seamlessly blends these influences with the infectious energy of the club scene. Now at the age of 22, Wei Ming eagerly anticipates the creation of compositions, showcasing not only his personal narrative as a mixed-race queer individual, but also spotlighting his advanced prowess in sound design.

Artwork: Minsett Hein