1 Year of 'Right Now': Wei Ming and R O Drop Hyperpop Remix in Celebration

RO injects vibrant energy into Wei Ming's hit 'Right Now,' morphing it into a hyperpop anthem tailored for the queer rave scene. With its infectious hook, the track stands out as a club favourite.

Immersed in a whirlwind of swirling synths and haunting melodies, the remix reaches its peak with a crunchy, auto-tuned chorus. R O adds her vocals to the final hook, leading the song into a dynamic outro reminiscent of a chopped-up SOPHIE-style dance break.

The remix serves as a celebratory anthem, coinciding with the one-year anniversary of Wei Ming's debut single 'Right Now.' Contrasting the original's smooth and sultry vibe, R O's reinvention takes a bold leap into hyperpop territory, showcasing the evolution of both artists' styles.

Wei Ming:
Hailing from London, Chinese-British artist Wei Ming taps into an extensive spectrum of sonic influences to shape a distinctively addictive electro-pop sound. Embracing dual roles as both a producer and singer-songwriter, Wei Ming creates anthems that carry a powerful message of queer liberation and celebration, infusing his music with a profound sense of identity and purpose.

R O:
Singaporean musician and visual artist, crafts her unique sonic and visual identity by seamlessly blending experimental electronic sounds and synthetic voices within the realm of pop music. Her compositions, characterized by crunchy and chewy synths, delve into the depths of authentic emotions through the lens of the synthetic.