Artist imgNorthwest London artist, DJ and Wasian menace Princess Xixi makes angry sadgyal bass music for mentally ill rave baes. Imagine the unholy lovechild of a grime MC and a pre-gentrification Camden scene queen and you might come close to describing Princess Xixi. Spitting, singing and screaming over beats that mix footwork, grime, jungle and more with alt rock songwriting, Xixi’s flipping the script on bars and bass. Her barrier-breaking music reflects her eclectic influences and singular upbringing as a mixed race, British-Chinese trans woman in London.

Bursting onto the scene in June 2022 with her debut track “Leng Loi”, racking up over 130,000 streams and a concerningly loyal fanbase, Xixi has since become a rising star in the London scene with a series of jaw-dropping live performances and DJ sets at iconic venues.

Ethnicity: British-Chinese
Location: London, UK

Instagram: @the_princess_xixi