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British-Tamil Recording Artist/Producer SAINT RAAVAN explores the borders between Alternative R&B and Tamil Sonics to provide a unique listen. Working amongst A-List Artists in the British Music Industry, SAINT is now on a roll to evolve his sounds through the Tamil Independent Scene. Having already been championed by BBC Asian Network, SAINT is set to spread the root of sound through many cultures. Saint was recently credited on legendary artist M.I.A's latest album 'MATA', for the song 'BEEP', as a writer and additional performer. 

Ethnicity: Tamil
Location: London, UK

Instagram: @saintraavan

GET TO KNOW - completed April 2023
3 words to describe you:
Mystic, Innovative, Versatile 

3 words to describe your music:
Wavey, Silky, Unique 

If it does, how does your heritage impact your art?
The inspiration from my culture shapes everything I do musically. Whether this be visually or sonically. 

If you could collaborate with anyone, who and why?
A.R.Rahman, because he’s the goat and I’d be intrigued to hear what we’d come up with.

Your next career/music goal:
To branch out and perform hopefully in Asia and to the diaspora audience

Top 3 go to songs/artists:
Nadaan Parindey - A.R.Rahman Powertrip - J.Cole Uyir Uruguthey - A.R.Rahman

Words you live by:
Do it for the art not the numbers 

Anything else you'd like to share?
New single dropping Friday, called 'Thuniya'