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Born in a city with more stories per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world, Dameer learned to respect the simple things in life from an early age growing up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Constantly surrounded by music, his father is an established drummer and singer in Bangladesh and his uncle frontman of one of the oldest rock bands to ever emerge from the country. It’s no surprise then that Dameer feels so at ease with his musical creations.

(Bio taken from Majestic Journal)

Ethnicity: Bangladeshi
Location: Accra, Ghana

Instagram: @dameer.dk

GET TO KNOW - completed April 2021
3 words to describe you:
Sincere, frustrated, hopeful 

3 words to describe your music:
Sincere, frustrated, hopeful 

If it does, how does your heritage impact your art?
In technical terms, I borrow a lot from Bengali music, especially in terms of percussion and rhythm in general. Artistically speaking, I am of course a product of my time. In my work I try to represent the Bangladeshi youth, their hopes, their fears, their collective trauma. 

If you could collaborate with anyone, who and why?
Four Tet, he uses Indian samples like no one else. 

Your next career/music goal:
Worldwide Tour  

Top 3 go to songs/artists:
I need your loving - Teena Marie
Morning Side - Four Tet
Never Catch Me - Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar 

Words you live by:
Anything worth doing is worth at least half-assing

Anything else you'd like to share?
My debut EP, 'For We Are Distant', is out now on all platforms!