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Considering Myanmar isn’t exactly a powerhouse of modern music, it’s easy to take notice when a gifted song-writer such as Htet emerges from obscurity and begins making her mark on the music industry.  Since the release of her first single, ‘Take Care,’ Htet has steadily amassed a discography that spans across genres, carried solely by the intent to create an honest experience through her voice.  Listeners can expect anything from dreamy, electronic arrangements, to more laidback and soothing lo-fi elements. While Htet is currently based in the United States, she still strives to represent her roots in Myanmar with dignity.  Her music is an invitation to normalize who we are at the core, and to remain open to newer surroundings without forgetting where we came from.  It’s hard to quantify the boundaries Htet is pushing, when she places no creative limitations on herself to begin with.  As an avid student of music, and a citizen of the world with global perspective, it would appear Htet has a nearly infinite well of inspiration to draw from.

Ethnicity: Burmese
Location: New York, USA

Instagram: @htetty

GET TO KNOW - completed April 2021
3 words to describe you:
Smiley, hungry and coordinated 

3 words to describe your music:

If it does, how does your heritage impact your art?
It doesn’t impact my art at all 

If you could collaborate with anyone, who and why?
Fkj. We have the same vibe  

Your next career/music goal:
Keep making dope music 

Top 3 go to songs/artists:
Feel the Love - Kid Cudi
Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
I Want You - Kings of Leon 

Words you live by:
Stop complaining. 

Anything else you'd like to share?